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Our surroundings effect our moods in many ways, the people, the scenario, the sounds – everything has a impact in our mood and mind. Some of them make us feel good and some of them make us want to tear our head apart. In seasons, the monsoon is most effective in our mood. Yes, the wind has changed the pages in your calendar and the monsoon is here again. There are two types of people, one who love the rain; and the other set of people chant – “rain rain go away”. For some people rain is romantic-fantasy while others are busy to complain about bad situations of the road, the water logging and the traffic jam. Perhaps everyone loves rain when they are at home, enjoying a hot cup of tea with pakode.

It is impossible to find a romantic poet in history who haven’t found inspiration from rain. The canvas of romantic poems and songs are filled with the colours of rain. Sometimes the colours are gleeful, sometimes they are nostalgic and sometimes there lie a touch of the blues. Rain always brings memories together, we love to romanticize and fantasize rain when we are comfortably present at home. The sound of rain soothes us, the petrichor – smell of the wet earth makes your senses calm and offer you new realm of bliss. It feels like it is healing you from inside.

Sometimes the rain feels depressing, but lets face it we love to grasp the gloom once in a while. Ever noticed how the tragic end of a book or film feels more satisfying than a happy ending? According to famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle, there is a peculiar pleasure in tragedy which clams our mind with the force of passion. The painful emotion pass through an aesthetic transformation. This is called catharsis in literature. The same thing happens with rain, we cherish the sorrows and woe in rain with our favorite songs or books, with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Though the Gen-Y seem to be more concerned with their smartphones’ “cloud” more than the clouds of the sky. They don’t float paper-boats now, they believe to float in the flood of social networking sites. Subtle feelings are becoming rare now. We all crave for material pleasures now. We are too busy to count the like and comments now that we are forgetting to count the moments. We are living in double tapping and forgetting the personal touch. Well no matter how the generation and the world changes, nature will always make a way and will show its magic by touching you through the rain.

But only feeling and tea-pakode is not everything in monsoon, everything has its pros and cons, so even rainy season is not about romanticism and feelings only. This is the season of flu and infections too and we all know health is wealth so here are some health tips –

  • In this season the digestive system is most prone to infections. One must drink enough water and only filtered and purified water. You should wash vegetables and fruits properly with water.
  • You should avoid street foods even though they beckon you a lot.
  • After retuning home, you should wash your feet with clean water and dry them immediately thus you can avoid fungal infections.
  • This season brings malaria with it so carry a mosquito repellent and use it frequently.
  • Walking barefoot during rain sounds interesting but you should avoid this as the ground is filled with germs in this season.
  • After getting wet in rain, one should take a bath.
  • Ginger, basil and honey helps to keep cold and coughs away from you. So add them to your daily diet.

Take good care of your feet in monsoon –

In monsoon you have to let your feet breath so wear open to air, strappy footwear. After returning home you should clean your feet properly. You can use home remedies to avoid fungal infections. You can clean your feet with warm water and scrub with soap and dry it properly. Use moisturizer after this. Cut your toenails regularly or the germs will hang-out in your nails and will give a way to fungal infections.

Fashion tips for monsoon –

  • Instead of fitted cloths go for loose tops, crop tops, tank tops, with shorts or palazzo or divided skirts. Guys can go for loose t-shirts and comfy jeans.
  • Girls do not leave your hair open in this season, it will make your hair frizzy, instead you can try tight or messy buns or messy ponytail.
  • Give your heels, stilettos and sport shoes a break and go for strappy footwear, girls can try unique and colourful straps.

Make-up tips for monsoon –

Less is more, this is to be followed in monsoon. You can use a light liquid foundation for base but first moisturize your skin. Always go for waterproof make-up.

  • If you have fair complexion then you can go for light pink or light orange eyeshadow. In monsoon you should not go for dark colored eyeshadows. If you are keeping eye make-up light then go for different shades of red and pink for your lipstick.
  • For light dark and dark complexion brown and coral blue or cobalt blue will look really good respectively.
  • For lipstick you can go for rosy red and different shades of brown.You can try colourful nail colours in this season. You can also experiment with some simple nail arts.

And an extra tip for fashionistas, lemon yellow, bright shades of indigo, green, white and blue go hand in hand with monsoon. So, enjoy and sparkle in this monsoon.

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